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Originally founded in 2010, Laser Cladding Singapore (LCS) is a 4-way joint venture formed between CLLS Pte Ltd (Singapore), German partners Gall & Seitz Systems (GSSY) GmbH and Nippon Diesel Service (NDS) GmbH and Yanmar Asia (Singapore) Corporation (YASC) Pte Ltd.

LCS’ mission is to revolutionize the application of laser-powder-cladding technology for manufacturing and remanufacturing in industry. Our joint venture is meant to harness the synergies of our resources, technological advancement and adaptive thinking to enhance customer life cycle value and build mutual trust with our stakeholders.

Laser Cladding Japan Co. Ltd. (Subsidiary)



CLLS CO. LTD. Singapore

Established in 1959, Chong Lee Leong Seng (CLLS) started out as a formalised joint venture between Chong Lee, an equipment importer, and Chop Leong Seng, a local distributor. The Company was then mainly in the business of distributing Yanmar diesel engines in Singapore and Malaysia only.

Over the years, CLLS has built a sound reputation that is founded on trust and friendship alliance and has today evolved into a full fledge engineering equipment trading company, which is recognised as one of the leading industrial players. It is head- quartered in Singapore and has a presence across the region including the following countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

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Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Gall & Seitz Systems (GSSY) draws from more than a century of experience in ship repair, production of pressure pipes and reconditioning of machinery and engine parts. In recent years, GSSY has grown into one of the leading innovators in Laser-Powder-Cladding technology. As a specialist in ship engine and repair, GSSY provides an extensive range of laser processes for the reconditioning/repairing of 4-stroke pistons, turbo chargers and individual repairs. GSSY is well-recognised within Europe.

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Nippon Diesel Service GmbH Germany

Established in 1976, Nippon Diesel Service (NDS) is a major European provider of Asian built ship machinery, related spare parts and competent technical services for clients in the marine and offshore industry. Located in Hamburg, Germany, NDS aims to secure competent supply services through a highly efficient in-house organization and strategic partners around the globe.

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YANMAR Co. Ltd. japan-flag

Yanmar is a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer with a history spanning over 100 years and a staff strength of over 16,000 employees. It’s engines are used extensively across industries including marine, agriculture, industrial, construction and aerial applications. Over the past decades, Yanmar has evolved into one of the most recognized brands in the global diesel engine market.

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